I like to consider myself, for better or for worse, as the person who gave life to this “adventure”. In fact, in 1999, after years of traveling around seeing vineyards with Stefano I understood that creating a wine-making business would become the project and the passion of my life. Maybe it was my family’s history; my great-grandparents and grandparents were making wine since the year 1900. This tradition is rooted in me and made me realize that I desired to make of my passion, a life’s work, a life’s dream. After leaving the faculty of Law I enrolled in a viticulture course conducted by Prof. Attilio Scienza and from there began a brief work experience at the Castello del Terriccio. My enological knowledge deepened at the Faculty of Agronomy at Pisa where I intertwined my class work with the creation of our first two vineyards.